To My Friends Who Still Love Trump

Another installment, because you like his “policies”

Kevin Donovan
10 min readFeb 9, 2024
Photo by Leena Robinson / Purchased by the author

It’s been a while — a few years in fact.

Candidly, I was among the many who reached the sad conclusion that there was nothing I could say, nor was there any version of reality that I could point to that would convince you to begin considering someone other than Donald Trump as a better leader for our country. For that vocal subset of you who claimed you would crawl naked over broken glass for the man, there was no longer any sense in attempting a constructive dialogue.

But in the last few years, many of you have begun qualifying your support with some version of the following:

“I don’t really like the man, I don’t like what he says, what he tweets or how he behaves . . . . but I like his policies.”

Kudos for your keen recognition of Trump’s personality flaws — we have common ground! Now we must build upon it, if we can, which leads me to the next question: What “policies” exactly, do you like?

You may remember, that in the 2020 presidential election, the Trump Platform was a broad and dark void of nothingness, unless you consider unconditional loyalty and obedience to Trump as a platform. Conventionally (especially for a convention), the political platform is exactly the…



Kevin Donovan

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