Democrats: The Next Speaker of the House Can Be Your Decision!

Please, for the good of the country, leverage your unity

Kevin Donovan
5 min readOct 10, 2023
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The recent ousting of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy illustrates the dramatic disparity between competent governing and the chronically ungovernable.

It has been a long time since either political party has had more than a handful of House members to comprise their majority. The division in the House of Representatives is roughly representative of the division of the country, and yet, the defining ethos of each party emerged with equally narrow majorities: Democrats legislated thanks to cohesive unity while Republicans have disintegrated under individualistic fragmentation.

But leading a party is not the same as leading a country.

As a Democrat, it pains me to say this: As long as Democratic Minority leader Hakeem Jeffries and his members continue their popcorn-eating indulgence while they watch their counterparts flounder, they are engaging in the same party-over-country politics that prolongs dysfunction. As Democratic strategist James Carville has said, if your opponent is drowning, throw them an anvil.

Democrats can do better than that. While they do not have a majority, they have something much more valuable: unity. They should be…



Kevin Donovan

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